Alisha Tondro had a factual article in the South Valley Journal today about the Bluffdale Derby with lots of people attending as well as fun & games for all ages.

The Bluffdale Lion’s Club sponsors the event each year. This year, there will be approximately 20 members helping with the event. They have also commissioned Stirrin Dirt Racing to officiate the races.

“The race has always been a big draw,” Rick Crane, a Lion’s Club member, said.

Crane said that there are usually around 2,500 people who show up for the event. The event starts at 7 p.m. and is expected to run a couple of hours.

But there’s more to do then just watch the cars crash into each other.

There will also be prizes and entertainment for the spectators, along with concessions provided during the course of the evening.— Alisha Tondro