LAS VEGAS MARCH 29th & 30th


OK here it is. Thank you for the HUGE interest, we should have known it would be this big! Understand that this is a new arena and they do not have it finished. There is a TON of potential to come. With that being said, we are trying to pull this off in a matter of months and we have a big learning curve to go thru. We have revisited the arena and for this year we will be taking 40 cars per night! With a 10-car filler heat for Friday. At this time Saturday’s filler will be made up of the cars that do not make the main event on Friday. More to come on this. The Derby will be held in DOWNTOWN Vegas and we have many operational challenges, so the flow will be a moving target as we get closer and see how things shape up.  Once we get one year done, we will be able to do more in year 2! So be patient with this.


Registration opens 4pm MST, Sunday December 2nd.

You must Register and Pay your entrance fee.

If you do not get in, we will refund your entrance fee.

Register at


Total payout is $18,000

Payouts each night:

Winner of the MAIN class on Friday & Saturday get guaranteed spot in 2020 and a suite at the PLAZA hotel.

1st place $3000 Filler

2nd place $1500 1st place $1000

3rd place $750 2nd place $500

4TH place $500 3rd place $250

5th place $250 MAD DOG $250

MAD DOG $1000


Drivers receive:

$300 Entrance Fee, $200 back when you show.

One 2-day pass

Custom Thank you Surprise package.


ALL Derby Fans Hotel package:

PLAZA Hotel registration opens on 12/15/18 at

registration code to follow.


Fremont Street experience video


3-day package includes:

Thursday night private social, band from 6-8ish in Plaza Ballroom.

Thursday night poker tournament, 8pm until done (must pre-register cost is $100 per player.)

Friday & Saturday after derby PUB Crawl, must pre-register (visit many bars for discount drinks)

Arcade vouchers

Fremont experience zip line vouchers

Fremont experience Zombie vouchers

Food Vouchers

Items subject to change, we are trying for more!


Also available 2-day and 4-day packages.

Derby tickets:


Buy your tickets NOW as they will be going fast!

Purchase at

2-Day pass $40

Single Day $25

Note: Only 2-day passes include pit access, Single day have no pit access.

IF you are flying in, we suggest not renting a car, Uber to the hotel, everything is walkable or a short Uber/Taxi ride to where you want to go.



Once registration in complete we will do a live draw to determine which night you will drive.

Read the Rules

All Cars must be COMPLETE upon arrival, no finishing it before inspection.

All cars must be to the arena for inspection on THURSDAY. Arrival times will be spread out because of the challenges of road space.

FRIDAY DRIVER must be there by 10am, special arrangements have been made for early check in for your families.

SATURDAY DRIVERS must be there at 12 pm.

All details will be given to you personally IF you are amongst the first 80 to register.

NO MORE than one Truck and Trailer will be allowed in the pits. If you are bringing a 2 or 3 car hauler you must notify us. So, we can accommodate.


If you have questions about these specifics, contact Gumby or Stirrin’ Dirt by private messenger.


Johnny will be gone until Dec 20th, if possible, we will announce the results to who is racing earlier.