$84,000 NEW “WASATCH WIPEOUT”-TWO-day derby, July 28th & 29th, Heber City, Utah

Retro Class Rules, 80 Car Count Limit

  • Friday 6 heats, Saturday 3 grudges, fillers and Main AND Wipe Out. Inspection is on Thursday.
  • 1st place $25,000
  • 2nd place $12,000
  • 3rd place $8,000
  • 4th place $4,000
  • 5th thru last place $1,000 Each
  • Mad Dog $5,000

Heats / Grudge:

  • 2 cars from each heat, 2 cars from each grudge
  • During Friday Night Heats, IF EARNED! $1000 Mad Dog driver will be chosen, the heat will be Stopped and they will be removed to advance to the Main Event. More to come

Farm Truck Heat:

  • 12 Truck count max.
  • $5,000 total payout, Split TBD


  • 12 Car count max.
  • $5,000 total payout, Split TBD

Wipe Out:

  • $100 entrance, all monies to be voted on by participating drivers for payout.


  • NEED 12 Registered, it caps off at 25, All Kids will get a WASATCH WIPEOUT shirt and prize.


  • Retro class Entrance Fee is $250, NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Filler heats Entrance Fee is $100, NON-REFUNDABLE.

Thursday is inspection followed by dinner / band / driver meeting and heat draws, 7pm to 10pm.
Tickets & Pit Pass info to come.

Register at www.stirrindirtracing.com, Must pay entrance fees to secure your spots.